CAM Capital’s goal is to achieve long-term compounded growth of its portfolio using a diversified, opportunistic investment strategy. In pursuit of this goal, CAM Capital engages in both trading activities and fundamentally driven investments. Our investments span all parts of the corporate capital structure in both the private and public markets.

CAM Capital is a fully independent, private investment company that invests assets of entities related to its founder and senior employees. CAM Capital affiliates retain an ownership interest in Caxton Associates, the macro hedge fund managed and run by Bruce Kovner from 1983-2011, but CAM Capital is not involved in the day-to-day management of Caxton Associates’ business.

CAM Capital invests assets of entities related to its founder and senior employees.

  1. Bruce Kovner is the founder and Chairman of CAM Capital and has ultimate discretion over all of its decisions and activities.
  2. Peter D’Angelo is the President of CAM Capital and oversees strategic and management decisions.
  3. Karen Cross is the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer of CAM Capital and directs its financial and business operations.
  4. Heath Weisberg is the General Counsel of CAM Capital and is responsible for its legal, regulatory, and compliance matters.

CAM Capital invests in both public and private markets, across the capital structure. Our geographic focus is primarily in the Americas and Western Europe. We invest both independently and in collaboration with like-minded external partners.

Our investment strategy is inherently opportunistic, which leads us to favor a sector-agnostic approach, with a focus on special situations.

While we invest a meaningful portion of our portfolio directly, we also partner with select external managers both on individual investments and at the strategy level.